Stories under the Moon

We all have a life. We all have thousands of stories about our daily lives. Stories about our thoughts, our dreams, our hopes. And by sharing some of these stories, we might learn a bit from each other.

The Stories under the Moon project is a coloured puzzle game, where you will meet people from all over the world telling their stories about love, faith, life, death… Some of these stories are dramatic, but most of them are just everyday thoughts of today or the dreams of tomorrow.

Hopefully you will be inspired. And hopefully some of these stories will reflect things you have experienced or maybe even help you navigate through life.

We share the Moon – let’s share our stories.


The creator

Bo Østlund

The 61-year-old Danish journalist and author Bo Østlund is the creator of Stories under the Moon.
For more than 45 years he has written about the lives and fates of thousands of people.
And since 2000 he has published more than 20 books – all of them about famous and unknown people and their lives.

If you have a greeting, a comment, or a good story, write to: