It isn’t so uncommon to be homosexual, but to be born with the wrong body is much worse.

That’s what I struggled with through all the years as a man with the name Hugo, and when I reached my forties I feared that I would never be able to succeed in life.  So I tried to commit suicide and ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

I felt that I was now too old to ever live a normal life. I was afraid to tell anybody. It was horrible. I was in the wrong body, and whenever I left the bathroom and passed the big mirror in the hallway I thought that I just didn’t look right.

During the period between 2000 and 2002. I began discussing it with the folks at Denmark’s biggest hospital, but their perceptions differed vastly from mine. They believe my condition is a psychological flaw caused by a bad upbringing, but that’s not what this is all about. You are born this way. It’s something genetic, and it can’t be helped. In the end, I was refused an operation

Then I decided to handle matters myself.
I knew others, who underwent operations by Doctor Preecha in Thailand. He’s tops in the world and he had operated on more than 2,500 before me. I have never had any problems after the procedure. Everything performs perfectly.

He removed my penis, gave me a vagina, and I got to look quite normal.

Now my body is the way it’s supposed to be and today I live a quiet and normal life as Anette. I live alone, but I have not given up on love. After all, you might suddenly encounter love at the library or in a shop. Here you are, grabbing a can of tomatoes and he may be standing right there and say “hi” …


Anette, 61   


Watch Anette tell her story – in danish with English subtitles – 8 minutes.