She is young and comes from Poland, he is 31 years older than her and from Denmark.
For three years they have been together as a couple. The last two years in an open relationship where they allow each other to have sex with others. Oliwia dates older mature men and she receives luxurious gifts, fancy dinners and expensive trips. Carsten dates other young women. And sometimes they have a threesome with another woman.

‘I have been sugardating for two years and I have met men from all over the world. I am extremely attracted to the luxurious life which includes expensive clothes, expensive restaurants and expensive hotels. I love my life, although it has occasionally been a struggle because I come from a Catholic family in Poland, and sometimes Carsten and I also have to deal with jealousy. Today we have both accepted that our partner has sex with others.’
Oliwia, 24   

‘When the energy stagnates in a lake, the water begins to rot. You find the same mechanism in a relationship. It is necessary to interact with the surroundings. We love each other, and we still challenge our relationship every single day, because it ties us closer together. There are still so much, we would like to explore sexually with other partners but also the two of us with a third person. I love to experience the differences in women – not only sexual but also culturel. Before I met Oliwia, I had three lovers and seven mistresses at the same time. I lived in a polyamorous relationship, and all my lovers knew each other.’
Carsten, 55   


Video in English – 12 minutes.