Deep inside I am filled with happiness and gratitude, and I feel extremely lucky. I’m living together with a wonderful man. I love him and he loves me. And I have a wonderful daughter.

When I look at her I think: ‘We made it. We made it! ‘
We have had stormy conflicts where I have been convinced that I lost her forever. ‘Now she travels to the United States, and I will never see her again’, I thought.

But it all ended happily.

Today she is 29, and she is studying to be an actor. She is really happy with her choice of education, and sometimes she even asks me about things. How amazing, that I can help her.
She is becoming an actor, and now I actually have some knowledge, that I can share with my daughter. Knowledge that she can use for something. I’m no longer just the worried mother …

Today I have a power that surprises me.


Hella, 55