It has been a very difficult year.

In February we lost my mother in-law suddenly, where after my oldest daughter Amy finally succeeded getting pregnant, after trying for over one year and again two weeks thereafter, my ex-husband was diagnosed with Stage four Terminal kidney cancer.

He died September 29th, the day after my birthday.

Three weeks later my first grandchild, Wyatt, was born.

I am now trying to help my daughters to the best that I possibly can. Amy is now 28 and she has taken one year leave from her teaching job in New Jersey to finish her Masters in Writing, and her little sister Christina, now 25, moved to California where she is fighting with her severe depression, while she is attending College. She wants to be able to help drug addicts and alcoholics.

I am tremendously proud of being their mother, even with the very difficult times they have both had to endure throughout their lives. When I divorced my ex-husband, who was an abusive alcoholic, he told me that he would make sure to make the rest of my life a living hell – and he sure did anything in his power to keep his promise.

And unfortunately both my daughters are the once that had to pay the price.

I also had to close my company, Scandinavian Home Decorators, because nobody could afford to hire business with their home improvements due to the financial crises that hit the USA in 2008.

Since 2009 I worked as a driver there after in a call center, where my hourly pay was only $13.00. I am currently working with my years of home improvement experience, as a maintenance technician and making $25.00 an hour, which now at least helps me pay all my bills on time, but not enough to save for retirement/vacation or a rainy day for a large bill.

So I am basically earning the same income as I had in Denmark as an intern.

Life is really like a box of chocolate …


Mai-Britt, 53